About Life View Media

2015, Courtney Davis began to explore the idea of launching a video production service while working on a documentary project in Baltimore, Maryland. Because he was already a small business owner, Courtney knew the value of video and what it can bring to all companies and organizations. However, he also knew that said companies and organizations operate on tight budgets and though effective, video production is rarely apart of their strategic planning. With that in mind, Courtney’s mission was to create a cost efficient videography service that all businesses both big and small could use to broaden their reach.

In early 2016, Courtney began to complete small video projects for family and friends while continuing to learn the technicalities of his craft. In September of 2016 he made the official leap of faith and launched what is now known as Life View Video Production, LLC. Since its launch, Courtney and his team have successfully booked and executed projects with a variety of professional companies ranging from churches, construction companies, entertainment companies, retail companies, hospitality organizations, restaurants and more.




Courtney Davis’ passion for the arts began when he was a small child. Ever since he can remember, he has been drawing and sketching. His deep appreciation has blossomed into an undeniable gift.

In 1999 Courtney enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served most of his time in South Korea and Fort Hood, TX. In 2002 he decided to honorably depart from the military and shortly after married his wife Chamelya.



Joanna has been an Executive Administrator for 6 years and joined the Life View team in 2019. She began administrating after graduating college from the University of Virginia in 2012. She has a passion for aiding executives to achieve their goals and dreams. After learning the vision and mission behind Life View she fell in love with its passion and its movement of taking ordinary projects and turning them into life impacting visual art.



Marcus has been a media provider for 6 years and joined the Life View team in 2017. He fell in love with media as a child and always had a camera on hand. He loves to provide media that speaks to audiences by telling a story in a creative way. He believes being able to share his artistic ability through media to entertain and reach any audience makes him a perfectionist in every project he takes on.



Jose has been a media provider for 15 years specializing in photography and joined the Life View team in 2019. He always had a love for art and drawing and was introduced to the field as a high school student. One day a friend of his let him borrow his camera and the rest was history. It was in that moment that he realized that power and beauty of a picture freezing time.