8 Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Media Team

by May 25, 2023Faith-Based

Increase engagement

The church has always been a place for engagement, both within the church itself and within its surrounding community. It’s important for churches to be able to connect with their members as well as get their congregation involved in volunteer work and other activities outside of the church.

One of the most effective ways churches can engage their congregation is to utilize a strong media team. A great photo and video team will be able to help churches connect with their members through social media, weekly video updates, email campaigns, and live-streaming, to name a few.

Your videography team can make quick, engaging videos to keep your church up to date with what’s happening at the church, from volunteer opportunities, to new church buildings, to asking for donations for an upcoming project or charity. They can also make videos that help introduce the church to new members, which can easily be shared across social media.

Take your message to a wider audience

Video is a perfect way to get people interested in your church, to get to know your leaders better, and to spread your message to a wider audience.

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are great ways to share snippets from sermons, encourage people to come to services, and to help others outside of the church see what your church is like. 

Though social media is a great way to spread your church’s message and generate interest in your church, it must be done in a specific way. Your media team will be able to create vertical videos, reels, and other posts designed specifically with social media in mind. These videos should also be quick, engaging, include captions, and should encourage engagement, like commenting and sharing to your friends and family.

Your videography team can also help you create a video marketing strategy to reach more people. This can include posting event recap videos to show members what your church is doing in the community and to encourage them to volunteer at or attend the next event. Or it could be creating weekly reels that show clips from that week’s worship or sermon to show viewers what being in your church is like.

You can focus on your message instead of the technology

Having a media team means you can focus on spreading the message of your church and hosting events, rather than worrying about the technical side of filming, editing, and posting online, which can be a lot of work.

Your videography team can take care of the production of your videos, from filming events and services, to capturing high quality audio and sound bites, to editing it all together into a great final product.

They can even produce multiple different versions of one video.  For example, you can post the full-length video on Facebook and create shorter vertical snippets of the video to be posted to Instagram or Tiktok for more easily digestible content.

A media team will also create videos focused on the message that the church is trying to share and tailored specifically to your church. They will be able to match your style so that each video resonates with your members and encourages engagement and involvement within the community.

Whether it’s creating promotional videos, filming events, or live-streaming sermons, having a media team can be essential for your church. It can help leaders focus on their jobs, allowing your church to focus on its message, and not the technology.

Boost your overall marketing

Having a dedicated media team can be invaluable to churches when it comes to driving growth and bringing more people to your website and social media.

Having videos on multiple pages on your website will boost your SEO, meaning it will bring more people to your website to see what your church is all about. These videos are also a great way to show potential new members what being in your church would look like for them and what your church does for its community.

Your media team can create explanatory and educational videos, testimonials, and other useful content that can be shared on social media and on your website. This can be immensely helpful in getting more views and growing more followers because people are more likely to share videos than just plain text.

Statistically, people are also more likely to watch an informative one minute video than read text, so including videos that introduce your church and its leaders, or explain your message or ask for donations, will be more effective than just using text with an image.

Your media team will be able to take the church’s message and create something that is visually appealing and engaging to viewers. This will help the church stand out and make sure their message is being heard.

You’ll have more control over your message

Having a media team at your church also allows you to have more control over your message. An experienced media team can craft content that is tailored specifically to your church’s mission and goals. A well-crafted message can have a greater impact than generic content that only scratches the surface.

A media team can also help ensure that any content created is on brand. They can create visuals that are consistent with the church’s mission and style and ensure that all content reflects the church’s core values. This ensures that all external messaging is uniform and in line with what the church stands for.

You can connect with people who are already engaged

Another benefit of having a media team in place is the ability to connect with people who are already engaged with your church.

Videos are a great way to encourage current members to get more involved or remind them of future events taking place. Your videos can include special announcements and reminders about upcoming services or events. They can also announce and celebrate milestones for your church, including the opening of a new church building or reaching a milestone number of members.

Your video team can help you produce weekly event recap videos that ask viewers to sign up to volunteer at the next event. Or they can help create a series of videos that explain the church’s mission and any upcoming projects they might need donations for.

By making an effort to connect with people who have an interest in what you have to offer, you can further build trust and strengthen relationships within the community and with existing members. This will help ensure your church remains a popular and engaging place for people to learn and grow, which is key to its success.

You can connect with potential members

Having a media team in place is also a great way to connect with people who are interested in your church, but are not yet members. A media team can be the perfect tool for reaching out to those in your community who are curious about your church and its beliefs.

Videos can help potential new members get to know your church through testimonials, event recaps, and sharing the church’s story through video. Prospective members want to see how your church can benefit them, so hearing firsthand accounts from current members is a perfect way to do this.

You can also produce a series of videos that feature your church leaders introducing themselves and explaining how your church was founded, as well as its mission and its values. Try ending the video by explaining how viewers can connect and get involved.

Your team can also help create videos that explain different ministry programs that the church offers, including after-school programs for children or support groups and events designed for specific groups of people in your congregation.

Having a media team partnering with your church is the most efficient way to grow your church and spread your message. If you’re interested to see how our videography team can expand and serve your church, contact us today!