What are Live Event Recap Videos and Why Do You Need Them?

by Sep 14, 2023Small Business

Live events bring people together to create memorable moments and lasting impressions. Whether it’s a corporate conference, a wedding, a music festival, or a local community gathering, these events are special.

But what if we could relive these moments and share them with a larger audience? What if we could spread the message of these organizations, increase donations, or encourage more attendees or volunteers for the next events?

That’s where live event recap videos and testimonials come into play.

Event recap videos are short videos that summarize live, hybrid, or virtual events.

Today, we’ll delve into the significance of capturing live event recap videos, demonstrating their potential to rekindle the event’s magic and make a profound impact on various stakeholders.

Event organizers, who are responsible for planning and executing the event, can benefit from recap videos and testimonials for marketing future events and for evaluating the success of the current one. 

Attendees and participants will be able to preserve their memories, relive the experience, and share their testimonials to express their thoughts and feelings about the event.

Sponsors and partners, the entities supporting or collaborating with the event, may use recap videos to gauge their return on investment and the event’s impact.

Online audiences are made up of individuals who couldn’t attend the event in person but are interested in experiencing it vicariously. They watch recap videos and hear testimonials to understand the event’s impact and potentially sign up for next time.

The art of crafting live event recap videos is a demanding and rewarding endeavor. These videos encapsulate the event’s essence in a brief yet impactful manner, enabling viewers to relive the experience and for online audience members to see what the event was all about.

Depending on the type of event, videographers will capture audio and visual content, including keynote speeches, audience reactions, Q&A’s, fun activities, and even detail or drone shots of the event space. They will use the best of these clips and sound bites to create a short video that summarizes the essence of the event.


Testimonials also provide a powerful means of conveying the event’s impact. Authenticity is key here, as genuine testimonials build trust and engage the audience.

Want to learn more about how to get authentic testimonials from your event attendees? See our blog post that explains how to capture these testimonials here:


Highlighting attendee testimonials, positive feedback, and the overall energy of the event, can help build trust in your viewers and help them see what they were missing out on or remind them of how great the event was.

The culmination of your efforts in capturing live event memories goes beyond preservation. It extends into creating lasting memories that engage your audience long after the event concludes.

You can even share your recap videos and testimonials across various platforms, and repurpose footage for social media posts, website content, email marketing, and future promotional campaigns, inspiring greater participation and attendance for next time.

By repurposing and publishing your event recap video, your live event lives on and stays at the forefront of your audience members’ minds.

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By harnessing the art of recap videos and testimonials, you can keep the spirit of these cherished moments alive and share them with a wider audience, leaving a lasting impression for years to come.