Commitment 2 Unity


In hopes to establish an equitable future for generations to come, Life View Video Production is committed to serving communities through various outreach opportunities.

For such a time as this…

As a result of the disturbing current events of our nation and the political and social division of the law enforcement agencies and communities of color, it is time now more than ever for change. Courtney Davis, a minority business owner and CEO of Life View Video Production is the sibling of two federal law enforcement agents. Through his experiences he understands first hand the importance of transparency between the communities. In efforts to bridge the gap, Courtney saw it fit to use his resource of visual media to minimize biases and unproductive discussions that have the potential to further the divide. With a heart full of optimism, Courtney was driven to resolutions and preventative measures to change the direction of what has been a problem far too long.

In April 2021, Courtney was approached by a good friend, Virginia State Trooper, Michael McSellers who shared his own vision to bridge the gap between communities of color and law enforcement. Courtney and Michael’s shared mission became the foundation of their alliance. Together they birthed McSellers Commitment 2 Unity. This initiative is geared to serve communities affected by racism and poverty. Its mission is to create transparency between communities of color and law enforcement creating a tone of responsibility and accountability that will produce a more equitable path forward. McSellers Commitment 2 Unity exists to bridge the gap through intentional dialogue between communities of color and law enforcement. MC2U creates opportunities for communities of color and law enforcement to hear and understand one another through relevant and current topics and preventive measures to ensure equality for all.

Who is Michael J. McSellers?

Growing up in a fatherless home in the inner city of East St. Louis. Michael desired to beat the odds of what society would paint as his future.

As a young boy he always dreamed of one day being a police officer. This passion was driven by his desire to help and serve others. Michael was first given the opportunity to serve our country as a United States Marine and has served as a law enforcement officer for over seventeen years.

Michael’s a mentor, leader in his community who also travels the country as a motivational speaker. He’s been interviewed on podcasts, local radio stations, as well as local and national news media outlets discussing numerous topics on several occasions. Michael resides in Northern Virginia and has two children.

Want to be involved?

If you are interested in supporting or being involved with this initiative, please contact us using the form below.